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Inner Speech: Theories and Models

The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for the discussion of different approaches to inner speech, bringing together a number of philosophers and psychologists with diverse stances on this topic. We invite researchers with relevant work on inner speech to submit a paper on any related topic.

Dates: July 1-3 2015. Venue: Carmen de la Victoria, University of Granada, Spain

Call for papers

We invite submissions from philosophers and psychologists working on any topic related to inner speech, but we welcome especially submissions with a theoretical standpoint. We have six slots available for 40 minutes presentations (plus 20 minutes discussion).

Deadline for submissions is April 30. Response is expected by the second week of May.

Please send a 1000 word abstract to Fernando Martínez-Manrique at


Invited speakers:

Juan José Acero (University of Granada); Charles Fernyhough (Durham University); Keith Frankish (Open University & University of Crete); Sharon Geva (University College London); Russell Hurlburt (University of Nevada, Las Vegas); Peter Langland-Hassan (University of Cincinnati); Edouard Machery (University of Pittsburgh); Fernando Martínez-Manrique (University of Granada); Alain Morin (Mount Royal University); Agustín Vicente (Ikerbasque & UPV/EHU); Sam Wilkinson (Durham University)



Research Group FFI2011-30074-C02 (University of Granada, University of the Basque Country)

Contact person:

Fernando Martínez-Manrique,
Departamento de Filosofía I, Edificio Psicología
18071 Granada, Spain
phone: (+34) 958242098
fax: (+34) 958248981