Persp Project: Call for 2 Pre-Doctoral Positions


The PERSP project invites applications for 2 pre-doctoral positions.

PERSP is a Spanish research network focusing on philosophical issues arising from the perspectival character of some thoughts and the facts they represent, funded by the Consolider-Ingenio 2010 Scheme (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation). Most PERSP members come from one of four well-established Spanish groups (LOGOS, Universitat de Barcelona and Universitat de Girona; GRECC, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; Philosophy of Law, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Universitat de Girona; Applied Philosophy, Universitat de Valencia). Successful candidates will be expected to enroll in the Master Program in Analytic Philosophy and to eventually apply for entry into one of the associated Ph.D. programs, to elaborate a Ph.D. dissertation contributing to some of the work-packages into which the project is divided. They will be assigned to one of the research groups developing the project and employed by one of the institutions where they are based, depending on their interests, under one- year contracts in the first place. The contracts can be renewed annually up to a total duration of four years, if the candidate is accepted into one of the associated PhD programs and upon satisfactory performance.
The salary amounts to € 18.000 p.a. (before tax).
Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in philosophy or cognate disciplines, to have good communication skills, and to have a proven proficiency in both spoken and written English. They should meet the requirements for enrolling in the Master Program.
All applications must be submitted by email to the Coordinator Applications must include:
(1) a copy of the bachelor degree (or equivalent) 
(2) a cover letter describing research interests;
(3) a description of the project to be undertaken while holding the position (500-1000 words);
(4) a curriculum vitae;
(5) a sample of written work;
(6) two letters of reference, which should be sent independently.
The deadline for applications is March 31, 2011, 12pm (Central European Time).
The appointing institutions endeavor to ensure a fair female representation by promoting real equal access opportunities between men and women throughout the selection process, and explicitly encourage women to apply.
 [*** If the applicant has not obtained her/his bachelor's degree (or equivalent) by the call’s closing date, then she/he must submit a letter written and signed by the head of her/his department, or the coordinator of her/his undergraduate program, which confirms that the applicant expects to receive her/his bachelor's degree (or equivalent)
before 01 October 2011. Any such letter must be submitted in pdf format as part of the original application-package, replacing the degree certificate. Note that applicants who are in this situation can only be offered a position conditionally on their obtaining their bachelor's degree (or equivalent) before 01 October 2011.