Seminario del Dpto. de Lógica, Historia y Filosofía de la ciencia (UNED)
en colaboración IC3JM (Universidad Carlos III) y la Fundación Urrutia Elejalde. 

LUNES 15 DE SEPTIEMBRE, 12.00 (Universidad Carlos III, Campus Getafe, Sala 18.1.A01)
Stephen Turner (University of South Florida)
"Experts, Democracy and the Distribution of Knowledge"
The problem of expertise and democracy has been the focus of many recent
conferences and writings. But the specific problems of scientific expertise,
usually thought of in terms of a few paradigm cases, notably climate
science, are misleading as a representation of the larger problem of
knowledge in politics. The “problem” is a generic one: the relation between
the distribution of power and the distribution of knowledge. But to
understand this problem requires some theory—rethinking what knowledge is,
who has it, how it is aggregated for the purposes of decision-making, what
are the institutional mechanisms for overcoming it, how do they gain
legitimacy, and what the relation is between knowledge and stake-holding. A
general perspective on these issues is offered, with some different