Seminario UNED: Esa Díaz-León

Seminario del Dpto. de Lógica, Historia y Filosofía de la ciencia (UNED)
LUNES 27 DE OCTUBRE, 12.00 (Sala 06 Filosofía, UNED)
Esa Díaz-León (U. Barcelona/ U. Manitoba)

"Pejorative Terms and the Semantic Strategy"

Christopher Hom has recently argued that the best-overall account of the meaning of pejorative terms is a semantic account according to which pejoratives make a distinctive truth-conditional contribution, and in particular express complex, negative socially constructed properties. In addition, Hom supplements the semantic account with a pragmatic strategy to deal with the derogatory content of occurrences of pejorative terms in negations, conditionals, attitude reports and so on, according to which those occurrences give rise to conversational implicatures to the effect that the pejorative terms are non-empty, which explains the offensiveness of those occurrences. In this paper I aim to defend this semantic strategy from several recent objections, and I will also present a novel objection, which in my view shows that we should understand the semantic account as a version of inferentialism, rather than radical externalism.