Spanish Logic Prize

Lunes, 29 Junio, 2020

UNILOG LOGIC PRIZE is an international initiative to award one prize per country to an original manuscript on logic (

The members of the committee that promotes the prize in Spain are Mara Manzano (USAL), Fernando Soler (US), Concha Martínez -Vidal (USC), Enrique Alonso (UAM), María José Frapolli (UGR), Felip Manya (IIIA. CSIC), Antonia Huertas (UOC), Ángel Nepomuceno (US) and José Pedro Úbeda (UV).

All researchers who are (or have been in the last 10 years) affiliated with any university or research institution based in Spain may compete, regardless of their position, nationality, gender, or age. This includes not only professors and researchers from these institutions but also current postgraduate students and doctors who presented their Ph. Dissertations less than 10 years ago.

The committee will act as the jury of the prize, which may seek the opinion of external evaluators if appropriate. In any case, the final decision will correspond to the jury of the prize

Participants are asked to submit an original manuscript written in English, between 15 and 30 pages, on any topic that can be considered to be related to logic (according to the standards of the international logic community).

The prize includes the following: 
a) The publication of the selected manuscript in Logica Universalis
b) The expenses of the participation (travel from any Spanish city to Crete or equivalent, accommodation, registration fee) in the World Congress of Universal Logic UNILOG-2021 to be held in Crete. The travel from Spain to Crete is financially supported by the Society of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science in Spain (SLMFCE).

The awarded person will present his/her work at the congress UNILOG-21 and will compete with the corresponding award winners from other countries for the World Award UNILOG-2021 (

Applicants must submit their manuscripts by 30 November 2020 in PDF format, through EasyChair in the following link (<>)

The following LaTeX template is recommended (