De 20/06/2015 hasta 30/06/2015

Istanbul, June 20-30, 2015

In UNILOG'2015 there will be a school with about 30 tutorials followed by a congress with many workshops and invited speakers
including Melvin Fitting, Bruno Poizat, Benedikt Löwe, Olivia Caramello, Luciano Floridi, Ernest Lepore, Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen.
As in  previous editions there will also be a contest (for this edition: The Future of Logic)
and a secret speaker (a speaker whose identity is revealed only at the time of her/his/its talk).

You can submit your abstract up to December 5


The tutorials of UNILOG'2015 will provide a serious background for a general knowledge of the logical universe
They are divided into three categories:
1) History of Logic: the logic of Aristotle, Leibniz, Kant, Hegel, etc.
2) Logic and XXX: Logic and Music, Logic an Colours, Logic and Nonsense, Logic and Information, Logic and the Theory of Relativity, etc
3) Theorems: Compactness theorem, Completeness theorem, Lindström theorem, Gödel's incompleteness theorem,  etc
(these theorems will be presented in a universal perspective, i.e. examining what are the general vs particular features)
During the congress there will be an amazing variety of workshops
- The Idea of Logic: Historical Perspectives
- Representation and reality: humans, animals and machines
- Philosophy of non-classical logics
- Computational Creativity, Concept Invention and General Intelligence - C3GI
- Connexive Logics
- Logic and the Web
The event is organized in  combination with the 10th Panhellenic Logic Symposium 
that will happen in Samos Island, Greece (the island where Pythagoras was born), June 11-15, 2015. 
A travel by bus from the nearby port of Kusadasi in Turkey up to Istanbul will be organized with stops on famous historical sites: Ephesus, Troy, etc. Special arrangements will exist for participants who wish to attend both conferences.
UNILOG'2015 is sponsored by the Association of Symbolic Logic
This means that students can apply for a grant to come: