De 20/06/2015 hasta 24/06/2015

An amazing school of logic with 30 tutorials given by scholars from all over the world divided in three groups:1) HISTORY OF LOGIC  Aristotle, Boethius, Leibniz, Kant, Hegel, Boole, Husserl, Jain Logic, ...; 2) LOGIC AND X - Relations/Applications of logic with/to other fields: Logic and Music, Logic and Politics, Logic and the Theory of Relativity, Logic and Colours, Logic and Fiction, ...; 3) LOGICAL THEOREMS -Presentation of the most important theorems of modern logic: Completeness, Incompleteness, Compactness, Cut-elimination, Lindström and more ...

The school is sponsored by the Association for Symolic Logic ASL student travel awards are available.

Before this school in Istanbul (a city full of history previoulsy known as Constantinople and Byzantium) there will be the 10th Panhellenic Logic Symposium June 11-15 in Samos Island where Pythagoras was born. https://samosweb.aegean.gr/pls10/
A travel by bus from the nearby port of Kusadasi in Turkey up to Istanbul will be organized with stops on famous historical sites: Ephesus, Troy, etc. Special arrangements will exist for participants who wish to attend both conferences.

The school in Istanbul will be followed June 25-30 by the 5th World Congress on Universal Logic that will also take place in Istanbul including 15 invited speakers, 15 workshops, a secret speaker and the contest The Future of Logic